Hi there,
We are

We are a team of
Creative Freelancers
that don't like
conventional offices
and believe in
designing for people.
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    UX/UI Designer & Front-end developer

    Gonçalo creates a website at breakfast with ease. A specialisation in UX/UI & Front-end development and a 5 year journey as IT Experience Designer, made him an extremely organised, thorough Pathfinder. One of the first to be precise, alongside with Eduardo. A Bodyboarder and bike rider from the heart, he dominates webdesign like waves with the performance of a racer.

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    Art Direction & UX/UI Designer

    An active thinker that believes that days should have 32 hours. Eduardo has a passion to create sharp concepts and well-designed product experiences. After two runs in IT consultancy and founding a startup in the US, he changed his perspective about work and life and as he hardly says no to a good challenge, he jumped on this venture with Gonçalo in a blink. Party and travel lover, he’ll bring some “crazytiveness” to your project.

  • André profile picture


    Front-end & Back-end developer

    André, the curious. We can call him that (or Ibra, but we keep it a secret). Information is like music to his ears which he actually loves too. A multi- disciplinary developer that seeks to do more with less. A Business Intelligence specialisation and four years working in FinTech gave him expertise, work rhythm and a desire to travel out of his desk to join Pathfinders. Maybe it’s because we’re tuned in the same frequency.

  • Hugo profile picture


    Marketing & Strategy

    Hugo is all about analysis and conversion. If you want to grow your sales online, he’s the man for the job. He designs a strategy like he rides a bicycle — which he loves btw. A creative Finder with IT background and an MBA. His journey took him across several business, where he collected a lot of expertise. He’s into meditation, so he’ll most likely enlighten your future customers.

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    Passionate for adventure Ágata, is the essence of a nomad Pathfinder. A gentle speaker inspired by the natural surroundings and the community she becomes part of, the creation of written and visual contents is something that comes spontaneously and have given her the opportunity to collaborate with different local projects around the world. Other than that, she has guessing powers, you might need some insights on your project’s future.

  • Gabriel profile picture


    Mobile specialist

    Gabriel has a 17 years affair with IT projects. With abig passion for mobility and usability, he believes that it’s always possible to achieve design and performance excellence for any software. That’s why he’s an iOS specialist. He says he likes to cook and play the guitar but we only saw him writing strings of code and blending technologies.

From concept to
execution, we do
branding, web design,
app design &
online marketing.
Cool, right?! 😎
Ok, so let me ask you a question...
DO you believe
in faith?
hum... I'm sure you like
the idea that you're
in control.
we know exactly what
you feel. Let me tell you
why you're here.
Matrix Gif
you're here because you
know something...
what you know you can't
explain, but you feel it.
you've felt it your entire
life — that there's
something that you
want to do.
you have an idea what
it is, but you never took
the time to do it, like a
splinter in your mind,
driving you mad.
it is that feeling that
has brought you to us.
DO you know what
i'm talking about?
This is your last chance.
You take the
blue pill, you go
back to our
portfolio and
rethink your
You take the
green pill, you
enter Designland
and we show
you how we
can start.
Need help? Drop us a line.
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