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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Project scope

DAMA is the most popular Portuguese pop band of the 21st century. The goal of the project was to create a modern and clean website inspired on the layout of the latest album, 'Lado A Lado' launched on November 2017. Now you can follow up all the news, photos, tour dates and learn about their history in one place.
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UX/UI Design

We created interactive monochromatic wireframes to give us a full perspective of the page architecture, information hierarchy and content display. Next, we designed all the website pages across different screen resolutions, choosing colours, pictures, fonts and icons to be implemented afterwards, in the Front-end. The designed, by request of the client, should reflect their last album called 'Side By Side' so we had this great inspiration which allow us to create a great out of the box website.
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Front-end & Back-end
We optimised all the coding fo SEO proposes and all the code is fully responsive so you can either check ti in your laptop or smartphone. While developing this, we also created from scratch a data base so our client could become independent to manage the content of the website. It's possible to add, remove or edit, albums and songs, news, concerts and gallery in English and Portuguese. Check the website at www.damaoficial.com and see the final product in action.
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Client Review

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