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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Mobile Design

Project scope

Convee, is a mobile app designed to help people convert currency, specially when they travel in countries with different currencies from their home town. The outstanding of this app, it’s the beautiful, clean and intuitive design that gives the users a good usability and experience while interacting with the app. Convee also works offline so you can convert anywhere, anytime!
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UX Design

The old version of this app didn't had a favourites screen. That was something we advised our client to introduce in the rebranding of his app. This favourites screen have the capability of converting any coin to all your favourites currencies in a single screen so we develop the entire idea of this screen with black and white mockups.
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UI Design
Our client demanded that the usability should be more simple than any other converter app so that's what we did on the design. Simplicity and elegance allied with a good usability was our main focus and goal. The final result speaks for itself because it's really easy to use this currency converter. Check it yourself by downloading this digital product at the App Store by searching for 'Convee Currency Exchange Rate'.
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Client Review

Pathfinders agency did a great service to me. I have asked them to update the design of my existing iOS application. I worked with many designers and design companies, but these are on top of them, because: 1- Pathfinders is a group of experienced specialists who know how to do the work. 2- Remote communication was smooth and fast (what is normally a big bottle neck, but here it was enjoyable). 3- Competitive price. 4- Result which they delivered to me had a great quality. 5- They have a very structured workflow and submission of final deliverables, you will get a comprehensive package with native files, guidelines, previews, animations (as applicable). No hassle, just deliver it to coders and rest. Overall I enjoyed working with the guys and definitely will hire them again!

Maxim Gusarov, Owner of Convee Currency Exchange Rate App

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