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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Project scope

Lisbon it's the test bed for the pilot App and future of the city mobility. Born from the partnership between Novabase and Via Verde, the solution allows the users to travel in public transportations using only their personal smartphones as travel planner and ticket. The system it's based in an innovative logic called Smart-Pay-As-You-Go that autonomously calculates and optimizes the best price to be charged, according with the travelled route by the user. The App was designed for both Android and iOS operating systems.
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UX/UI Design

This digital product made the life easier for a lot of people in Portugal using public transportations. The usability was a challenge because there are a lot of services combined here like, Metro, Train or Bus. Simply choose the direction from the closest stations and transports to your location and hit 'start'. Check the details of your trip, add it to your favourites, see the route and other features. While on travel, the validation flow can be accessed in the active trip screen.
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This project was featured at several online channels like: TVI, Sapo, Público, Ntech, Diário de Notícias e Observador. Download this app for Android or iOS.
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Client Review

I had the pleasure of working with Eduardo in a project for a Government institution and in a Novabase’s mobility product. Besides the different contexts, Eduardo revealed to be a problem solver, that could face any kind of project, business, technology or market and design the best user experience, with very good creative and technical skills. He has a quick reasoning, is proactive and very responsible, that you can count on, managing his work, interacting with people and contributing to a good team environment! I sure recommend working with Eduardo!

Mafalda Moreiro, Lead Designer of GTE - Novabase

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