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User Experience Design

Windows Tablet App Design

Project scope

This app was created specially to accelerate the process of opening a bank account which always takes a lot of time, effort and paper work. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology was improved by Novabase and used on this app which becomes possible opening a bank account at Banco CTT in just 25 minutes (1h before).
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UX Design

The goal was to create and app that would allow clients of this bank to open a bank account as possible and safely as they could. This prototype was very challenge because to open a bank account, any client need to fill in a lot of information and sign documents that needed to be organized in a few screens and that could be easy for any costumer to use it. We develop a high fidelity prototype with Axure and made all the animations so we could have a mockup very close from the final product.
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UI Design
Something interesting was that the prototype was develop for window 8.1 but when we started the design stage, Microsoft launched windows 10 so we needed to adapt the prototype made with the new guidelines to respect the new W10 look and feel so it was an interesting challenge to do this specially because we were working with a new operating system with a renewed design. The final result was great and this app as a lot of interesting functionalities that made possible to open this account in just 25 minutes.
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Client Review

We worked together and during that time Gonçalo had an outstanding performance. A very young and creative mind with a very objective sense of duty, able to identify UX gaps and recreate solutions that allow natural interaction with systems without the need of user training. Gonçalo is very responsible and compromised with deadlines and he always makes the extra mile to astonish users and clients. It was a pleasure to work with Gonçalo

João Maia, OnBoarding Product Manager - Novabase

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