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User Experience

User Interface

Project scope

Wizzio and MyWizzio are smart banking ecosystem apps designed for tablet featuring many widgets and apps in a team up with IBM Watson Group, enabling a total different relationship between the costumer and their manager at a time and place convenient to the costumer. Wizzio and MyWizzio are successful products being deployed by Novabase at a couple of clients. It is among the few in the financial world that changed the way of banking with a humanized experience and has been regularly featured at FINOVATE, Gartner.
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The Design process

This project was challenging due to the big team working on hit. The requests to build this digital product were thought to have a great User Experience otherwise, would be very difficult to use this product. We created an interactive prototype that would respond to all the demands in a banking day-by-day. After the UX being very well defined, we would start creating a nice and modern Interface Design that would match the prototype goals. It was extremely important to have a nice communication with your team mates so in the end we could achieve a very solid and good result.
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The final goal
“It’s not just about having a presence across all those channels, is weaving together experience that seamlessly in a simple yet powerful way, helps you to deliver all the value you have to your clients.” — by Pedro Gaspar
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Client Review

I had the pleasure to work with Gonçalo when he was part of the Experience Design Team at Novabase. Gonçalo proved to be a very talented and dedicated Designer and a great team player. He addressed our projects from concept design to UX/UI Design, working always alongside with the development teams. He also revealed a great capacity to adapt to different contexts and to the demanding complexity of our projects. I strongly recommend Gonçalo and I hope to work again with him in the future. (I do miss his constant and natural good mood!)

Anabela Fernandes, Head of Experience Design - Novabase

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