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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Mobile Design

Screen App Design

Screen installation

Project scope

Life Berlengas is a nature conservation project funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Commission and the Portuguese government’s Environmental Fund, led by SPEA in partnership with Portuguese public bodies.​​​​​​​ Life Berlengas App aims to contribute to the sustainable management of the Special Protection Zone of Berlengas Islands, with the aim of conserving it’s habitats, endemic plants and seabird populations.
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UX Design

We developed a high fidelity user experience prototype for mobile and desktop to accurate evaluate navigation, interaction and content display. This prototype includes already a lot of animations and transitions so our client could be more immersed in this black and white design.
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UI Design
The UI is inspired on islands geodynamics. As the sea carves and shapes rock formations, Life Berlengas UI it's shaped by the white / black space that carves the content. This dynamic and minimalist design, was built in a unique visual language. Navigate through the islands activities and explore the interactive map with all the trails, caves, viewpoints and more.
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Client Review

Working with Pathfinders agency in developing a mobile App to disseminate the LIFE Berlengas project in Portugal has resulted in an amazing communication tool. Berlengas is an incredible archipelago full of nature and the work developed by the Pathfinders team was incredible, creating an appealing image, practical features and promoting an unique experience for users with a virtual visit through the Berlenga Island. We are very happy for choosing this creative, dedicated and professional team to develop LIFE Berlengas App!

Joana Andrade, Marine Department Coordinator at SPEA

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