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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Front-End Development

Project scope

DIF Broker is a brokerage company that exists since 1999 having several offices across the globe, in countries like Portugal, Spain and Poland or Uruguay. The scope of the project was to create a new Website based on the Brand's re-design, the innovative and digital nature of the business, as well as some of its core values: Compliance, Technology and People.
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UX/UI Design

To fully underwent how is the user interaction, we designed every single screen form the website with a high fidelity black and white prototype with all the main interactions and animations made with Axure. For the final design, we combined all the prototype information with a design that needed to represent the rebranding and also the professional side of the company itself which was the biggest goal. Besides the main red color, we created four colours that would represent four different investor profiles. A custom iconography was made by us so they have a unique visual communication.
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Responsive Front-end Development
The website was entirely developed by us and we did a responsive design of more than 20 screens to give a pleasant experience while navigating through all pages in the desktop or mobile. Check the website at www.difbroker.com/en/ and see the final product in action.
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Client Review

Gonçalo and partners managed our website project with a high attention to all details and dedication across all phases. The experience was been very positive, and the final delivery proven Pathfinders agency ability to design a “out of the box” UX/UI solution. We hope to work with then in other projects in the future.

Marta Barros, Chief Marketing Officer at DIF Broker

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