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Logo Design

Business Card

Brand Book

Project scope

The Chicken, It’s a branding proposal for a Portuguese Restaurant in the Netherlands where the main ingredient is chicken. The Chicken project guidelines pointed to a brand that needed to be refined, elegant and with aesthetic details showing that isn't only a place to eat but also a place where you could feel Portuguese culture. The project was very interesting as it challenged me to look up to the beautiful culture of my home country and design a brand that congregates two of my biggest passions design and food. The final result it's shown bellow.
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Logotype Design Process

First we collect a moodpboard of several logos that are in the same area of the one needed by the client. In this case, we collected the most famous Restaurant logos and checked Also their websites trying to understand how they use their brand to communicate with their fans. After a complete analysis, we make a lot of sketches and drawings in a book so then we have enough graphic materials to start making a vectorized version of the concept that we liked more. We also designed a fully costumized font that could reflect the Portuguese culture and that would be different from any other font of a Portuguese Restaurant logo.
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Stationary and Brand Book
After the logo is completed and accepted by our client, we created business cards and some mockups examples on how the brand would behave applied to outdoors and lastly, we made a complete Brand Book where you can see all the guidelines on how to proper use your brand in different situations.
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Client Review

Thank you so much to pathfinder and Eduardo for an excellent work with my restaurant logotype.

Andrea Quartel, CO-Founder of The Chicken Restaurant

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