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We create Brands that stand out! Carefully designed focusing target audience, business industry and future growth.
— Analysis & Strategy
— Logo Design
— Marketing Materials
— Brand Book
We create user-friendly, interactive web experiences with clean design, optimized content and CMS.
— Analysis & Strategy
— Site Map
— UX Design
— UI Design
— Front-end
— CMS & E-commerce
We create outstanding digital products to bring your business to the next level.
— Analysis & Strategy
— App Map
— UX Design
— UI Design
— Native Development
— CMS & E-commerce
We create the best communication plan for your digital business. Attract more visitors and generate more sales.
— Organic Search (SEO)
— Paid Search (PPC)
— Inbound Marketing
— Social Media Marketing
— E-mail Marketing
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Like you, a brand is not just a pretty face

Carefully designed, targeting your audience and business industry. We create Brands with character and soul.

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10 years of experience
creating great

Brands, Websites, Mobile Apps And Marketing

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Hi there, we are Pathfinders.


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We create a Brand Image that reflects your core values. From Logo Design to Typography and overall graphic designs, we've got you covered.


Why US

Why us?
We work hard to make branding, web design and web development accessible to small business owners. We combine imagination and technology to design modern brands that stand up in the market. We put insight, functionality and creativity at the centre of everything we do.
  • We are a hell of a team.

    We’re a skilful Agency of Creative Freelancers with backgrounds that complement themselves. Marketing, Design & Development.
  • We’ve been around, we know how it works.

    From consultancy, to agencies and startups, we’re a team with experience in several businesses.
  • We create with people in mind.

    We have a user-centered approach in every project we do.
  • We create specially for you, and you only.

    We create taylor-made designs and interfaces for you and your audience.
  • We love beautiful things that work well.

    We apply always the best practices, combining performance with unique visual languages.
  • We like to nurture relationships.

    We create your project like it’s our own, helping you keep it optimized for the future.




  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing materials
  • Brand Book


  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Site Map
  • UX (User Experience)
  • UI (User Interface Design)
  • Front-end
  • Back-end / CMS
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership
  • Booking
  • Design System

Mobile App

  • Analysis & Strategy
  • App Map
  • UX (User Experience)
  • UI (User Interface Design)
  • iOS & Android Front-end
  • Back-end / CMS
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership
  • Booking
  • Design System


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blog Copywritting
  • Social Media Content
  • Payed Ads
  • Video & Photography Production


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We Like to share.

Our perspective about Design, Technology & Freelancing.


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Clients Feedback

We have worked on multiple projects across three continents.

Check out what they say about us 👉 👇
Working with Pathfinders agency in developing a mobile App to disseminate LIFE Berlengas project in Portugal resulted in an amazing communication tool. (...) Pathfinders team was incredible, creating an appealing image, practical features and promoting an unique experience for users with a virtual visit through the Berlenga Island.
Joana Andrade picture
Joana Andrade
Head of Marine Conservation at SPEA
Excellent work! We loved the design quality, communication and the timeliness of the delivery. We want to keep working with Pathfinders Agency and Eduardo as often as possible and for all our next projects. In fact I don't want to recommend them too much because I don't want anyone else to take them away from us.
Joana Andrade picture
Justus Ohlhaver
Founder of HODL App
Pathfinders agency managed our website project with a high attention to all details and dedication across all phases. The experience has been very positive, and the final delivery proven Pathfinders ability to design a “out of the box” UX/UI solution. We hope to work with then in other projects in the future.
Joana Andrade picture
Marta Barros
Chief Marketing Officer at DIF Broker
I worked with Pathfinders agency for 8 months. I hired your services to develop the frontend of a complex platform. My requirements were not easy. I wanted an innovative, clean and beautiful design but my ideas were vague. The final product has exceeded expectations, you can visit at Growappy.
Joana Andrade picture
Nuno Gomes
CO-Founder of Growappy
Pathfinders did a great service to me. I have asked them to update the design of my existing iOS application. I worked with many designers and design agencies, but the Pathfinders are on top of them, because: 1) Pathfinders is a group of experienced specialists who know how to do the work. 2) Remote communication (...)
Joana Andrade picture
Maxim Gusarov
CEO of Convee App

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UX/UI Designer & Front-end Developer

Gonçalo creates a website at breakfast with ease. A specialisation in UX/UI & Front-end development and a 5 year journey as IT Experience Designer, made him an extremely organised, thorough Pathfinder. One of the first to be precise, alongside with Eduardo. A Bodyboarder and bike rider from the heart, he dominates Web Design like waves with the performance of a racer.


Art Direction & UX/UI Designer

An active thinker that believes that days should have 32 hours. Eduardo has a passion to create sharp concepts and well-designed product experiences. After two runs in IT consultancy and founding a startup in the US, he changed his perspective about work and life and as he hardly says no to a good challenge, he jumped on this venture with Gonçalo in a blink. Party and travel lover, he’ll bring some “crazytiveness” to your project.


Front-End & Back-end Developer

André, the curious. We can call him that (or Ibra, but we keep it a secret). Information is like music to his ears which he actually loves too. A multi- disciplinary developer that seeks to do more with less. A Business Intelligence specialisation and four years working in FinTech gave him expertise, work rhythm and a desire to travel out of his desk to join Pathfinders. Maybe it’s because we’re tuned in the same frequency.


Front-end & Back-end Developer

Susana is the team’s mom. A resilient and dedicated professional, she treats her projects as her own babies. She even sings lullabies to keep the work pace. A graduate in Biomedical Engineering, she quickly quit on experiencing with white mice and turn to coding. From CRM to software development, she’s well versed in several development languages. After a sabbatical year, she moved to the countryside, built a yurt, a vegetable garden and joined Pathfinders.


Multimedia Designer

Rita is our Multimedia Designer. We believe that there’s actually no better prefix to describe Rita then “Multi”. Multi-versed and multi-talented. From music, to dance and cinema she expresses herself in multiple ways. A savvy 2D/3D video creator and a backpacker with lots of experience with national and international projects, she can really add a multitude of artistic and interactive layers to your project.


Mobile App Developer

Gabriel has a 17 years affair with IT projects. With a big passion for mobility and usability, he believes that it’s always possible to achieve design and performance excellence for any software. That’s why he’s an iOS specialist. He says he likes to cook and play the guitar but we only saw him writing strings of code and blending technologies.



Passionate for adventure Ágata, is the essence of a nomad Pathfinder. A gentle speaker inspired by the natural surroundings and the community she becomes part of, the creation of written and visual contents is something that comes spontaneously and have given her the opportunity to collaborate with different local projects around the world. She has guessing powers, you might need some insights on your project’s future.


UX/UI Designer

Mafalda more Known has Mina, is a Designer and UI/UX who seeks, above all, a good working environment to develop exciting and challenging projects. She is very interested in contact with others and workgroups so that any idea can go as far as possible. Creator of beautiful websites with a unique experiences.

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